Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Fantastic Street Art by Peruvian Artist Jade Rivera

Jade Rivera aka JADE is Peruvian street artist whose work, from miniature pieces to large murals. He turned his focus to visual arts –though he would eventually drop out of art school and become a full-fledged autodidact. From lettering and graffiti to sophisticated strokes of realism, Jade has left a colourful trail of his evolving artistry throughout the streets of Lima.

The characters show both sadness and hope, struggle and peace, restlessness and a sense of belonging, as well as strength in the belief of growth and the chance of awakening, moving forward as life speeds up its pace leaving dreams, memories and few traces behind.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Stunningly Delicate Installations using Dandelions by Swiss Artist Regine Ramseier

German artist Regine Ramseier created a gorgeous art installation by hanging 2000 dandelions down the ceiling. All the flowers were first hand-picked by the artist herself; then each puff-ball had to be sprayed separately with an adhesive in order to prevent the fuzz from being blown away. All the dandelions were then installed into a special palette and transported to the installation room. Once they reached the destination, the artist hung the flowers down the  ceiling one by one.