Monday, 20 August 2018

Suspended Charcoal Installations by Korean Artist Seon Ghi Bahk

Korean artist Seon Ghi Bahk recreates man-made structures by repurposing natural resources, charcoal in particular, and suspending them with transparent nylon thread. Bahk's series of sculptural works are composed across a three-dimensional space, giving the illusion of a floating solid figure. The contemporary artist's collection of charcoal installations are designed to reflect upon and criticize the relationship between man and nature. The choice to use charcoal, a substance that is basically a charred piece of organic material, is telling of the artist's work.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Stunning Watercolor Paintings by Indian Artist R Rajkumar Sthabathy

Human emotions look and feel magical in R Rajkumar Sthabathy’s paintings; no one is impassive and are often seen depicting some form of sentiment. His works narrate the thoughts of people you meet on the street, like the old women selling flowers, auto rickshaw drivers, school children, the milkman or old men sporting turbans and big moustaches. Using primarily water colours he brings out the different expressions, moods and emotions of people. There is a scene, skill and technique throughout his artwork.